Biochar Pelletizing Technology

Put Mars Mineral’s 50+ years of experience and field-proven pin mixers and pelletizers to work, transforming pyrolyzed biomass into sustainable biochar pellets for soil amendment, energy production, environmental remediation, and more.

Uniform Size



Industry-Leading Standards

Equipment for Biochar Pellet Production

Mars Mineral’s pin mixers and disc pelletizers are engineered for excellence, setting the industry standard with unparalleled precision and durability. This equipment transforms organic biochar into uniform, high-quality pellets, driving sustainability in agriculture and beyond. 

Pin Mixers

MARS Mineral Pin Mixer

Efficiently blends biochar and a binder
to produce uniform, high-quality pellets
for various environmental and
agricultural applications.

Disc Pelletizers

MARS Mineral Disc Pelletizer

A rotating disc forms uniform,
dense pellets from pyrolyzed
biomass for soil improvement
and carbon sequestration.

The 12 Advantages of Turning Pyrolyzed Biomass into Pellets

Diverse Applications for Biochar Pellets

Discover the versatility of biochar pelletizing with Mars Mineral’s technology, enabling a range of innovative and sustainable applications.

MARS-Mineral-Biochar Pelletizing-Soil-Applications
MARS Mineral Biochar Pelletizing Animal Feed Applications
MARS Mineral Biochar Pelletizing Energy Applications
MARS Mineral Biochar Pelletizing Concrete Applications
MARS Mineral Biochar Pelletizing Fertilizers Applications
MARS Mineral Biochar Pelletizing Road Construction Applications
MARS Mineral Biochar Pelletizing Environmental Applications
MARS Mineral Biochar Pelletizing Building Applications

Other Applications: Plastics and Composites, Bio-Plasticizers, Filter Media, Sound Insulation, Paint and Coatings, Packaging Materials, Rubber Manufacturing, Cosmetics and Personal Care Products, Thermal Insulation, Fire Retardants, Furniture Manufacturing

Material Test Options for Your Organic Material

Unsure about the pelletability of your biochar? Mars Mineral offers laboratory and pilot-scale testing to demonstrate how our equipment can transform it into high-quality, commercially viable biochar pellets.


Demonstrate technical feasibility to produce pellets meeting customer specifications

Required quantity of powder for testing

Minimum of 15 kg (25 lb) up to 200 kg (500 lb)

Standard test equipment

8D32Li Pin Mixer
12D54Li Pin Mixer
P-30 Disc Pelletizer
D-30 Deep Drum Pelletizer
DP-14 Agglo-Miser
Auger Feeder
Fluid Bed Dryer
Lab-scale Drying Oven
Drum or Bulk Bag Packaging

Additional processing equipment

Hammer Mill
One-ton Mixer
Multiple Auger and Feeders


Water or Aqueous Organic
Customer Specified

Analytical test equipment

Sieve Analysis (particle and pellet size distribution)
Moisture Balance
Automated or Manual Finished Pellet Hardness
Aerated Bulk Density 
Attrition Testing

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Latest News in Biochar Pelletization

Stay informed about the latest sustainable technology and industry innovations, including advancements in biochar pellets, with insights from Mars Mineral.

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About Mars Mineral
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Mars Mineral was founded in 1972 in response to the 1970 US Clean Air Act amendment. Our founder saw an opportunity for steel mills to take the particulate matter collected by bag houses and pelletize it. Today, Mars pelletizers are found worldwide in the tire recycling, mining, biomass, fertilizer industries, and more. We’re helping companies like yours use our technology and experience to repurpose the byproducts of their processes, creating additional revenue streams and a more sustainable future.

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